My House Fellowship CHURCH

Well brother Bill and I made it to the rally, I thank God for all that did make it. For those of you who have never made it to one of these events here is some needful information. The parking for the public is west of the Capitol building, and it was packed. I suggest that any other rally’s that are in the future that whoever is sponsoring them should send out information as to where the parking is. I guess there may be other places other than this, but this is what I found after I had parked blocks away. Another thing I would like to point I was not alone in trying to find where the meeting was to take place, I asked others and others asked me where they were to rally I pray they did not get discouraged and left. My brother in Christ also asked others, including officers and people with booths inside the building but no one seemed to know? Never the less I and my dear brother spent our praying and ministering outside the building; witnessing, handing out bibles and tracts. Even though we were not part of those on the inside we were just as much a part of them on the outside. We did not stay for the other event, the candle walk due to the reason we were worn out from the weather, don’t get me wrong; God blesses us mightily. Coming through Vaughn and Clines Corner we were in a very cold snow storm dreading that would be the condition of our walk the rest of the day, but thank God after prayer about the conditions, God open up the sky and let the sun shine for the rest of our adventure. I did meet some wonderful people, Bill led some souls to Christ and we did get our messages of repentance to some lost souls; but also to some in the body of Christ. We did find out much later the prayer event was on the inside in the center of the building; I had my cross and did not want to leave it so Bill and I did our thing on the outside while thanks God many were doing theirs inside the building; it’s all good and to the glory of God: [ Rom 8:28  And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.]  In closing and I don’t mean this in a wrong way or attitude, at your next event or rally please leave a number to call for those who get lost can call. Maybe even have some of your members have station points with signs to direct and give information outside and inside to those who have never been to the State Capital. God bless and continue to keep up you efforts for the unborn also pleas open minded to address other issues this nation is facing; you might not participate in their cause but what effect one issue among us in this nation will unfailingly affect us all, we must bond together to pray and fight in every immoral or constitutional threat to our nation. God bless