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3-30-2017 "New Mexico Cross Walk" What a beautiful day for a walk, this walk was a day for sowing seed, warning some in the body of Christ of the pending judgment coming to this nation, praying for people and people praying for me, here is the names of the places I walked this day, (Virden, White Signal, Tyrone, Silver City, Gila, Cliff, Buckhorn and Glenwood New Mexico). I met some wonderful brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus on this walk, you will see some of them in the pictures. It encouraged me to hope even more for this nations outcome. I met a brother and sister in Christ Jesus in Silver City who are working hard to claim their City for God, I was told I was the third person to carry a cross in Silver City, my response,  Silver City better get right with God. This brother and sister along with others are working on getting this done, somehow they were given a spot on top of a mountain overlooking the old down town area of the City, ever Saturday at 10:00am they meet for service praying over and claiming their City for God , it is open to all, I encourage you in Silver city and the surrounding area to join them, it is time for the true body of Christ to come togather, "I am not referring to the new world order one," God bless Tyler and Fay in Silver City New Mexico . God bless my brother in Christ I met in Cliff New Mexico as well. The children at the youth center in Glenwood was a blessing  as I walked the town of Glenwood they were ringing a huge bell, God bless you all. This walk was special to me, I had the privilege to walk up and down the highways and byways of the State of New Mexico for my Lord, on the day of my birth.  Thank you our blessed Saviour for saving a wrench like me and allowing me to have the ability to walk around in the State of New Mexico at such an old age, I had a happy birthday, thank you all you "happy birthday wishes to me." God bless you all who have encouraged me in my efforts to call this nation to repentance, starting with the body of Christ. "See more at, Pastor Gary