My House Fellowship CHURCH

4-10-2017 Cross Walk, well I can honestly say I have walked every little village, town and City  south of 82, I can find, thank you Jesus and bless all who have supported this endeavor in so many ways. If I did miss any of you let me know, God willing I will come.  Sunspot, Boles Acres,  Oragrande, Chaparral, Anthony, Berino, Vado and last Mesquite New Mexico all walk in the name of Jesus. Souls were saved many warned of the judgment of this nation we can turn around, if we would repent, starting with the church/body of Christ. I met so many wonderful people, those saved and unsaved, one of them is Justin, he is the big hearted man holding my cross with the wonderful smile, pray for a quick recovery for Justin, he just came out of some surgeries.  Brother Bill I missed you, especially in Berino I believe, a young man with his small daughter came out from their yard to see the man carrying a flagged cross, neither could speak English, maybe they will get someone to read the tracts I gave them. God willing I will be headed back around Silver City area to met up with brother Tyler, if he has not backed out from wanting to go walk with me, we will continue to work our way up towards Albuquerque and beyond, maybe before that head up towards Santa Fee, who knows, God willing Tyler and I will work well togather, I look forward in sharing this wonderful experience with a new brother in Christ Jesus. Wait I better find out what denomination he is, just kidding, just kidding, I know he loves the Lord and God our Father with all his heart, get ready Tyler. Yours in Christ Jesus, Pastor Gary saying God bless. PS: to see more go to