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4-11-2015 What God spoke to me then is the same today, except we in America repent, both sinners and saints which are the body of Christ, this nation will be lost. [2Ch 7:14  If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.] What I am about to say is not my attempt to change the word of God, this is my message to America, not a rewrite of the Bible.

 Gary 3:1 Serious affliction to America for her filthiness she has made her children impure and unclean, they have become morally or spiritually impure.
Gary 3:2 She obeys not the word of the Lord, she does not want to be corrected, she does not trust in God, and she refuses to repent and come back to her God.
Gary 3:3 As roaring lions; Her President, Senators and Congressmen have covet power, they take it by deceit; they take away, medical care, not only from the middleclass but even the poor, her judges are shameless as wolves among her pray, gnawing at the very Constitution that brought this great nation into world power, as if they can't get enough.
Gary 3:4 Her Prophets preach prosperity, and filthy gain, Pastors have polluted Gods word, and never preach against sin.
Gary 3:5 Truly God's mercy is in the mist of America, but he will not put up with her  sin's, every day he has called out to this nation, repent,  he has shown us his judgments on other nations in his word, but the pride of America can see no shame.
Gary 3:6 I have brought down other nations, Egypt, Babylon, Media/Persia, Greece, Rome, who were as prideful and sinful as you. 
Gary 3:7 God said I surly Though you would fear me, this nation will receive my commands, so that I would not depart from blessing them to cursing them, but they reject all my council, and laugh at my reproof, how many time have I punished them already, yet they keep waking up with sin and lust in their heart.
Gary 3:8 God has promised the Children of Israel the day will come when he will rise up against all the sinful nations of this world who have oppressed Isreal, church he will pour out his righteous anger upon them, even because of his jealousy whereby they worshiped everything but him.
Gary 3:9 God will give all the righteous the power to speak without sin, to worship without sin, to praise without sin, they will live for him as one body in Christ Jesus with a pure heart, soul, mind, body, and spirit, Jew and Gentile alike.
Gary 3:10 From all corners of the world will nations bring Gods Children the Jews back to his Holy Mountain, as a offering to the Lord.
Gary 3:11 When God makes it happen the Children of Israel will be ashamed for straying from God, hopefully America will be ashamed now and repent for straying from God, those that live in pride will have no part of this kingdom, no more will we rejoice in the holy mountain of God or America but in God himself, through Jesus Christ our Lord.
Gary 3:12 The children of Israel that are brought back from all over the world, will be have been afflicted and broken in spirit, when Brought back to Jerusalem from the nations God had driven them, at that time, they too will trust in the only name under heaven whereby all must be saved, Jesus Christ our Lord.
Gary 3:13 Even though God destroyed the nation of Israel, he spared a small portion of them throughout the world, he will remove iniquity from them, they will forever speak the truth, not one evil word will come forth from their lips, they will dwell in peace forevermore. Saints in America, there is not one promise of our nation even being around, we must repent now, reclaim this nation for God and Christ, or the final judgment is coming. Hopefully God will spare a remnant, if not.
Gary 3:14 God has not abandon his people the children of Israel, as some think, they will return from every nation on earth God had driven them with rejoicing, never to be drive out again. Peace is coming to Jerusalem, but not like many think.
Gary 3:15 God promised Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob will be fulfilled, the true King of Israel will sit upon the throne of David, in the midst of them, never again will they see evil again, his is King of Kings, Lord of Lords, his name is Jesus. 
Gary 3:16 In that day it shall be said to Jerusalem, "you shall never fear again," and to Zion lift up the hands which hang down and rejoice .
Gary 3:17 God will dwell in the midst of them, he will save them, he will rejoice over them again with joy;  he will rest in his love for them, his joy will burst into singing, for what Christ has done between he and them.
Gary 3:18 I will gather them that have longed for this day, that have know of their, transgressions, which was sorrowful and heavy to carry.
Gary 3:19 When this happens, judgment to all nations who have cursed or troubled the children of Israel, "America your no exception" Jews all over this world, who were driven out by God from their home land will be brought back; God will exalt them in the eyes of every nation.
Gary 3:20 God will prove his love for his chosen people, the children of Israel, those who were once a curse to the nations of the world, will be glorified in Christ Jesus, we will know once and for all, without them, we would have no hope. God have mercy once again on this nation especially the body of Christ. Pastor Gary