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4-13-2017 Cross Walk, (Hurly, Bayard, Hanover, Santa Clara, Mimbres, San Lorenzo, San Juan, Sharman, Faywood all  in the State of New Mexico,  truly a land of enchantment but engulfed in sin and the cares of this world. ) As you will see in the pictures my new found brother in Christ Jesus Tyler Lanham met up with me in Hurly New Mexico to walk as many towns, villages, City's or communities we possibly could this day, spreading  the warning of the final judgment coming upon this nation if we don't repent of our sinful ways, especially the church/body of Christ. We sowed spiritual seed, we water spiritual seed  and yes we even by the grace of God, helped reap some souls from the harvest.  If you ever felt called to do missionary work or evangelism you don't have to go over sea's to do so, well unless directly called of God,  America  needs you as much as any other nation, now more than ever.  Brother Tyler and his wife Lorie are two wonderful children of God, To open your door to a total stranger, to fed him, shelter him and help him down the road is a sign of their love for God and country. God bless you Lorie and Tyler, may God open the windows of heaven and pour out a blessing upon you both. God is at work in this nation, if only the body of Christ would repent and do their first works over, we could change this nation around. But first the church must get the mote out of its eyes before we try to get the spec out of the eyes of others. Some of the other people you will see with the cross gave their lives to our Lord and Saviour, thank you Jesus.  God bless from Pastor Gary