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4-14-2017 Cross Walk, after a nights rest at brother and sister Lanham,  Tyler and I headed down the road again from Silver City New Mexico. We walked Pinos Altos N.M. - Lake Roberts N.M. - Mule Creek N.M.  - Luna N.M. - Rancho Grande Estates N.M. -  Reserve N.M. - Pleasanton N.M. -  Alma N.M. - If I missed any, God only knows we did our best not to, God bless you brother Tyler, thanks for all you did. It was a successful walk, handed out tracts, ministered to people, witness and warned all who would listen of the final judgment coming upon this nation if we don't repent. Unless you have chosen to hide your eyes from the nation we live in, we are a nation of sin sick people needing God, from the body of Christ to those that know God and our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ, but have never given them their lives.  It is one thing to know God, but does he know you? On the day of judgment will he say welcome you good and faithful servant or will he say, depart from me ye that work iniquity: - (One Who Practice Sin.) Tribulation is coming to this nation with the rest of the world, but we can avoid the judgment of this nation.  Like Israel we were once a God fearing nation, a nation under "One God," the Father of Jesus Christ our Lord and we have chosen sin rather than righteousness in the body of Christ/Church. I don't know if I will accomplish my walk in the State of New Mexico, or what the final outcome will be, but one thing I know for certain, God has me and people like Bill Runyan and Tyler Lanham including those of you who have supported these walks out there for a reason.  Wake up America, especially the body of Christ/Church, judgment will began at the house of God, I don't care what name you call yourself or what denomination you are, that includes those of you that are none denominational, if you call yourself a Christian or a child of God we must all repent, turn again from our backslidden ways. (Grace Is Not a License To Sin.)  God bless. Pastor Gary