My House Fellowship CHURCH

6-22-2017 Vaughn N.M - Yeso N.M. - Fort Summer N.M. - Taiban N.M. - Melrose N.M. - Clovis N.M. - Texico N.M. - Floyd N.M. - Portales N.M. - Causey N.M. - Elida N.M. Brother Tyler came down for a visit and to help in a walk this week on the north east side of the state. God bless him and his wife for all they do, God bless all who have been a part of this endeavor, may God bless and awaken the body of Christ in the greatest fight in our nation, this fight is greater than any war this nation has fought, this war is over the very heart soul and spirit of this nation, I pray to God someone who once said this nation is no longer a Christian nation be proven wrong, rise up body of Christ and fight the good fight of faith . I have enjoyed the walks and talks I and my brother in Christ have had, God bless all we witnessed to, prayed for, and may the blood of Jesus save, sanctify and cleans every place that cross has been carried, on foot or in the van across the state of New Mexico, may God spread this word across America. God Bless. Pastor Gary. See more at