4-27-2017 Hillsboro N.M. - Kingston N.M. - Caballo N.M. - Arrey N.M. - Derry N.M - Garfield N.M. - Salem N.M. - Hatch N.M and Rincon N.M. "Cross Walks." I met brother Tyler in Hillsboro, God bless him, what a precious member of the body of Christ, if not for his help in these two day walks,  I would have never made it through  so many Cities,  towns and villages that we did. God bless him and his wife for allowing him to come with me on these two days.  We handed out tracts, prayed for people, we prayed over each place not to mention witnessed and warned of the final judgment concerning this nation church. The care free lives of a vast majority in the body of Christ who have strayed into the world of carnality, they have become lovers, of themselves and lovers of the cares of this world, more than lovers of God. Many in this nation say they love God but in words only. God said if you love me keep my commandments did he not? (Joh 14:15  If ye love me, keep my commandments.) Much of the body of Christ  have corrupted the grace of God in the pursuit of worldly pleasures, we must repent . God Bless.  See more at www.myhousefellowship.org. Pastor Gary


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