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Cross Walk 11-22-2016 After having a wonderful early Thanks Giving Dinner with my kids, grand kids, and family, I was rather slothful in hitting the road to say the least. I finally got out of the house and headed to Queen and White's City New Mexico, not really sure about Queen on account of how little the village was and on the account of how far it was to go there. Never  the less before leaving town I stopped off for some Gas, then I went to the church to drop off Thanksgiving Trash. Pulling up to the dumpster behind the church, we have a small house, in front are three pecan trees. This year due to the rain the pecans were larger than usual. I had my eyes on this batch, anyway while driving up there was a hooded man picking up pecans. I upset me to know end to say the least, I was about to set him straight, I parked at the dumpster, as I parked God reminded me of this scripture, Lev 23:22  And when ye reap
the harvest of your land, thou shalt not make clean riddance of the corners of thy field when thou reapest, neither shalt thou gather any gleaning of thy harvest: thou shalt leave them unto the poor, and to the stranger: I am the LORD your God. As I walked up to him, my demeanor had changed, I told him to pick as much as he wanted, but asked that he not hit the tree to cause the rest to fall. I then headed back to the truck, some big shot you are carrying a cross around, calling people to repentance, what is wrong with this one, embarrassed, I grabbed a tract and took it to him. As I went back to the truck again, I was thinking, how this man could be out stealing, but yet here he was, in the cold on a bicycle, picking pecans, I stopped once again and handed him what money I had left from my gas money. To some of you carrying this cross might be foolish, to me it is my exploit for God and country, my way of an interesting or daring action or achievement. (Dan 11:32  And such as do wickedly against the covenant shall he corrupt by flatteries: but the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits.) It is easy at times for me to say look at me, what are you doing for our nation and Jesus Christ our Lord? Yet here I was out to do another mission for God and Country, and God setting me straight and keeping me humble. This is the second time in this adventure I was so caught up in the walk, God showed me my anger and pride. I want to reach people for God and country, but when He sends them to my door steps I blow it. My lesson learned, there are still motes in my eyes, and just because I feel God has given me a task to do, I can't be so focused on accomplishing it to fail him in other things I am called to do. I felt so low leaving Artesia I wanted to turn around and go home, my thoughts on this, maybe Satan wanted me to condem me so much I wanted to quit, just give up. Thank God we have an advocate with God, Christ Jesus our Lord. My walk through Seven River's was a quite one, a few waves and honks as usual, it was a nice and cool walk.
On my way to queen the drive became a rather long one, I began to question if I had made the right decision to drive out to such a small place, especially wanting to have enough gas to make it to White's City, curious name I wonder how it came about. I continued towards queen, I don't know who will see the walk or if anyone will stop for a tract, but God knows why I am there, and God speaks to everyone who see's the cross being carried down the road, in one way or the other. It was a quit but tranquil walk, The picture of the propeller monument was for a young man who delivered a news paper by plane. I love the picture of Smoke the bear carrying the cross. My walk in White's City, many tourist were headed to Carlsbad Caverns, the looks I was getting from the vehicles were perplexed it seemed. very few honks or waves, maybe they did not want to be reminded of Christ and the condition of our country is in, being on vacation? It was a small village so I walked it and some of 285 twice. To God be the glory if there is any glory in it. Trump was not put into office by the grace of God, God wants us to understand this. God gave us a
choice, continue down the path of corruption into a new world order or repent and choose an opportunity for the body of Christ to repent, return to God, in holiness, come out of a sinful nation and return it to God, who gave it to us by His grace in the first place. Pastors repent, then call your congregations to repentance, if and when we do, God will heal our land. Thank God for the fence between me and the horns. God Bless.

12-1-2016 My Capitan walk turned into a six town walk, thank you Jesus, praise you God. It started in Picacho New Mexico, small and tranquil, nestled in the rolling hills, between Roswell and Ruidoso New Mexico.  Not much as far as a town, more like a village, I was glad for the walk, did not really expect to walk much more than Capitan New Mexico that day and Hondo. My next stop I found along the way was Tinnie New Mexico, Tinnie is a little larger than Picacho, there is some very cool art to be seen in Tinny, if your ever up that way stop and look it over, wont coast you a dime. I also found a wonderful old bus parked by a Baptist Church, my how the world has changed. Lots of highway traffic, no tracts handed out, but Tinnie was walked. As I was leaving Tinnie, I saw a road sign, headed south I think, a village called Arabela, felt led to head that way, not knowing how big or how small it was, God knows why I needed to go. The paved road came to an end of the Southside of the village, a few houses to be seen, but my what a view of the mountain, it looked like a pipe organ at one spot, it was a beautiful walk. I handed out one tract in Arabela, a young man saw me getting the cross out of the pickup, I was about to lean it against the road sign for a picture, he thought I was going to stand it up and wondered if I needed some help, I thanked him for stopping, asked if he was born again, he was, then if informed him about the judgment coming upon this nation, except the body of Christ repent, he agreed, I asked if he needed prayer, he said everything was going good for him at this time, said our goodbyes, I started my walk, he went to work, God bless him for wanting to help. From Arabela I went to Hondo, it was a lot bigger than both Picacho and Arabela, I don't recall handing out any tracts, the highway was heavy with traffic again, there was one young man who thankfully put up his dog , he  gave me a big smile and a  thumbs up, God bless him for saving me from a possible dog attack and for his encouragement on my cross walk. From Hondo I left for what I thought was going to be Capitan, but Old Lincoln Town New Mexico was next, "remember Billy the kid town?" As I started my walk through town the first tract I handed out was to the Sheriff, he had just pulled up to his office, I introduced myself, shared with him my message, he agreed with me, I asked if he need prayer? He said prayer is something he could always use, I took him by the hand and in the streets of Billy the kid town we prayed, God bless him and keep his hand of protection upon him. The walk was odd in a way, here I was carrying this huge cross painted like our flag looking like a tourist and all the town people looking at me like they were the tourist. The second tract I handed out was to an elderly lady trying desperately to get into her car before the crazy man carrying the cross got to her, poor thing dropped her purse unknowingly behind her, I pointed it out to her, as I held the door open for her to unload the stuff in her arms, she quickly grabbed her purse, as she jumped into her car I was quick enough with a tract to hand her, I felt so sorry for her I did not try to have a conversation, I am truly sorry for any fear I put you through that day if you see this, may God bless. At this time I was debating if I had the stamina to make the Capitan walk, yet I pushed on, as I drove a sign pointing to Fort Stanton appeared, I was not sure if it was a town or village, it had been so long
since I had been there, so I decided, since I did not know how far it was I had better go on to Capitan, I wanted to have enough gas to get home. Capitan, the home of Smokey the bear, plenty of stares in Capitan, again I felt like a tourist, one tract was handed out in Capitan, a very nice lady brought me out from a store a bottle of water, I told her about the prophets reward, (Mat 10:41  He that receiveth a prophet in the name of a prophet shall receive a prophet's reward; and he that receiveth a righteous man in the name of a righteous man shall receive a righteous man's reward.) There is more than one definition for a prophet, they are also know as preachers, teachers. If I don't cut it as a prophet, I know through Jesus she can receive the righteous mans reward. She also had a prayer request about her grandchild, I believe God healed the child the moment we prayed, only her and the child know if it
happened. It was late in the day so I decided I had better head back to Artesia, I started to go on towards Ruidoso because of another road sign, another town or village, not sure, but God turned me around to help someone stopped in the middle of the road, who I had passed, seeing they were on the phone with someone, I had kept going for a ways thinking they were getting help, when I got back to where they were they had already gone, so I decided to head on back home. Once again another road sign, I went past it, feeling the guilt I turned back around to see how far Fort Stanton was, I was concerned about gas and making it home. Seven miles, so off I went, Fort Stanton, a beautiful place to see, the whole place is a museum, every building had a story, again I felt like a tourist, I walked around the whole fort area, no one there except a few care takers and the Sheriff, he might have shown up because of the crazy man
carrying a huge cross snapping pictures, I am thankful for the cops who do check me out, I could be down on the ground one day praying for one to show up. Again I don't know what people think when they see me and the cross, I don't know who receives my message even when I get the opportunity to talk or hand out a tract, but God does, He is the only reason I am out there and as long as he provides, there I will be. Until next time: Pastor Gary

12-12-2016 Cross Walk, Carrizozo, Tularosa, La Luz,  no matter how much I enjoy the experience of each walk, I am amazed at the dread and unction not to function I have at the beginning of each village, town or City I walk. For those of you unfamiliar as to the purpose of these walks, I feel God has called me to urge this nations body of Christ, as well as the lost to repentance. I know this election was not a victory for our nation, it was a reprieve for this nation to repent, turn back to God and fulfill our destiny as the guardians of His great commission, go ye therefore and teach all nation's of God's plan of redemption, and the defenders of Israel, until the times of the gentiles be fulfilled. We the church must come out from the closets we have hidden ourselves in, if each of us do whatever the Lord has laid on our hearts to do, no matter how small, no matter how foolish it may seem not only to others, but to ourselves, it will make a difference. You don't know how many times I have asked myself, what are you doing? Who is getting anything from these walks? Yet I hold on to the little signs I get from our Lord now and then, things like reading in a store window, written with shoe polish, "You Can Do it." or watching a truck pass by, and on the corner of its bumper I read "Keep The faith," when at that very moment my faith in my efforts are very deem. How long these walks continue, God only knows, I take them as I have the finances to do so, my prayer is God takes what little I do and multiply my efforts. So until next time, pray, seek God, maybe he needs a cross walk in your State, you can do it, if not that whatever he has put on your heart to do. Except all of us repent and turn from our wicked ways this nation will fall, Christians and sinners all.  Trump or no Trump we must turn to God. Until next time Merry Christmas, Pastor Gary.