My House Fellowship CHURCH

3-17-2017 Cross Walk, today was a bitter sweet day, my dear brother Bill could not make this walk because of a back injury, as of today he is on the road to recovery. I thought about him all day as I walked and shared the word God has laid on my heart, as well as witness to lost souls and pray for anyone who asks for prayer. Brother Bill is a prayer warrior as well as a soul winner, you guys should see him in action. I know Brother Bill wanted to go on one more walk before he heads back to Texas, he will be missed, but I know for sure I have a prayer warrior watching my back, God bless Bill, until next time. Well my walk started at 4:00am, headed back to the Arizona and Mexico border towns I did not have time to catch the last trip Bill and I took to Lordsburg. Cotton City N.M. my first stop, Cotton was a peaceful walk, a few cars went by did not see anyone come out from their homes, only God knows who did and what was accomplished. Walks like these make you wonder if you are doing any good or not. This was one of those walks where I was asking myself, are you sure this is of God, what good are you accomplishing when you don't have anyone  to warn of the pending judgment, lead to the Lord or  pray for. I always give myself my encouragement speech, I even gave brother Bill a time or two, just because we don't interact with anyone on a walk does not mean we are not doing some good, everyone who see's that fat old man walking down the road with that big old cross has to reason with themselves or with others as to its meaning, only God knows, none the less it is a reoccurring fight i struggle with now and again , this was one of those days.  Leaving Cotton N.M. I was headed to Playas N.M. I had to go through Animas N.M. in order to do so, as I drove into Animas the town has a Post Office, a small store and some other building on the main drag. I started to just go right through, a though came to me about my last walk about a week ago, the wind was blowing so hard I had decided to walk around the neighborhood instead of the small drag down main street, the only people I saw on my walk were kids in the playground of the school and a couple of cars went by other than that it was one of those walks where God knows who needs to see the old man carrying the American flag cross around town. That being said I decided to do a quick walk around main street. I had no sooner walked few feet I notices the store and decide to get a picture of the cross and the store, as I was about to take the picture I noticed two women sitting in front of the store. I asked them if they wanted to be in the picture and here they came. Both women claimed to be born again, so I warned them of the judgment hanging over America if the church does not repent. One of the ladies was so excited to see me again, she told me the last time I was there she took a few pictures of me and hoped it was ok, I assured her it was, she then went on to say, if not for me she had given up on her faith in God, but that day when she saw the cross and I, it had renewed her faith, little did she realize how much she was ministering to me. Much of this work in carrying the cross I know I will never see the results, but she was my conformation God was working through a crazy old man willing to be obedient in whatever God calls me to do. Both had prayer request and all of us departed happy, I call it a divine meeting set up by God, all three of us were blessed simply because I had decided to take a quick walk, praise you Jesus, thank you God. Playas N.M. was my next destination, my walk there was uneventful to my knowledge, I did get to met a nice man who said I reminded him of His dad, it seemed his dad was a man of God who also hit the streets, not carrying a cross, but witnessing and doing whatever he could for anyone. Next Stop Hachita N.M. upon arriving in Hachita I came upon a group of people riding bikes from coast to coast I assume? The walk was a peaceful one my thanks to the man at the community center who offered me water and a salad. I told them my mission and handed out a tract before they all scattered. Next stop Columbus N.M. upon arriving it really occurred to me how close I was to Mexico, here again I really missed old brother Bill, yep a lot of Spanish speaking people. I had walked down one side of main street there was a nice dressed man getting water, I did not think he even acknowledge I was there, anyway onward I continued, handed out a tract and witness to a women sitting outside the VA. I took some pictures and headed back down the main drag, the man was standing by his car waiting for me, he motioned for me to come to him, so I did. The next thing I know he had his anointing oil out and slapping it on my forehead and began to pray over me, for me and all around me, binding evil and everything he could think of from harming me. He even pulled out a wafer and offered me communion, I thanked him for all the kindness he had given me and began to tell him of my  mission, he could not have agreed more, you talk about somebody being ready to do the Lords work in season and out this man was. I said my good bye and down the road I went, next stop Santa Teresa N.M. Upon arriving at Santa Teresa I soon found out Sunland Park, Canutillo, La Union Anthony, Chamberino,  all New Mexico town and cities almost or might as well be part of El Paso Texas,  after getting lost a few times I walked Santa Teresa and Sunland and God only know how many of the other ones, I finally concluded they were all running togather on the same road, so I called it good for all of them, I know many on the road were going to or from each and every little city or town I had planned to walk, so off to home I went. God bless Pastor Gary I hope you enjoy the pictures.