My House Fellowship CHURCH

March 22, 2019

Gary R,

H.R. 5 is a very serious attack on your religious freedom. In one year, this bill has gained 38 new legislative co-sponsors, even while it mushroomed in the ways it will punish sincerely held religious beliefs.

This legislation will completely re-organize our society with privileges for LGBT individuals overpowering religious freedom. H.R. 5 will force churches to host same-sex ceremonies, hire LGBT individuals in leadership roles, accommodate gender confusion during overnight mission trips, and open up bathrooms to both biological genders. And that is just the beginning.

Businesses, non-profits, schools, even internet "stores", employers, employees, and basically everyone would be forced to bow or face the fiery furnace of lawsuits and government fines. There are zero exemptions for religious beliefs or freedom!

There are more than 100 corporate sponsors pushing this legislation, including groups like Apple, Google, Microsoft, Visa, Wells Fargo, Amazon, S & P, and Nationwide (who certainly is not on the side of religious freedom)!

I want to challenge you; are you going to sit by while they try to purchase the destruction of our religious freedom? Or will you stand with me and fight for the rights given to us by God and recognized by our Founding Fathers? Liberty Counsel Action needs your best gift right now to help fund the extra work needed to fight this onslaught of anti-religious bigotry.

If we are silent now, that silence might become permanent.